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6of6-ORANGEjThis 5 star booklet has a Social Security Worksheet that may have helped thousands pay less income taxes on their Social Security Income.This booklet and worksheet alone might be worth thousand and thousands of commissions to you, more importantly, give more dignity to Social Security income recipients. Who do you know who is probably paying income taxes on their Social Security income? Call them today and tell them about this booklet.


3of5v2jBooklet unveils one of the best kept secrets in the annuity industry; an overlooked way for “seasoned” small business owners to accumulate a million dollars. Why so overlooked? Only a handful of annuity carriers offer 412(e) 3 Plans




7of7jThis booklet topic becomes a great appointment setting opportunity for those clients & prospects you know approaching the age of 62 or 66. Show people the four things they need to consider before beginning Social Security. Unlike almost every other secret, a tax deferred annuity is not a possible solution, however, this booklet gets you in front of more prospects.



VAULT-bg2v2By, using a chart from the Federal Reserve, this booklet shows the unbelievable volatility of bank CDs over the last 45 years.





Blank-bluetoa-secret59jPotentially award winning chart shows how an annuity can give you surrender charge free access to your money when you are most apt to need it and how Bank CDs can give you penalty free access to your money when you are least apt to need it.




s31Booklet shows the importance of prospects having more than one advisor or agent; this booklet is perfect for those prospects who are not open to meeting you for the first time and for former clients who have left you.




s55v2j Booklet explains how a Non-Qualified Annuity picks up from where IRAs leave off by using the proven best words.





Secret19-bluetoadjThe chart in this booklet shows that what people do during their first year of retirement will dictate if they go broke or leave a legacy; Lifetime Income Riders and/or Immediate Annuities and /or withdrawing money later are potential solutions.


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